Library FAQ

After you find a book, meet Ms. Lee or Mr. Morley at the check-out counter and they will help you there.
Books – 2 weeks
Graphic Novels – 1 week
Textbooks – 1 day
DVDs – 3 days

You may renew your item once unless someone else has a hold on it or if it is a newly acquired and popular item.

Books – $0.10/day
Graphic Novels – $0.10/day
Textbooks – $0.25/day
DVDs – $0.25/day

The Library will send out reminder notices for overdue books and late fines. You should bring these notices in and return your books/pay off your fines before the end of the school year.

Monday – Friday 8:00-16:30

The library is closed on all stat holidays, winter/spring/summer breaks, Pro-D days, and Collab Days. Occasionally, the library will also be closed for presentations or meetings.

Ask, ask ask! Especially if you need to print in colour. The colour printer in the office is not always turned on, so please ask before you press print.

Keep in mind that the printers won’t print anything from Google docs or your email so save your document onto the desktop first.

Never click on the printer icon to print. Sometimes the document will be sent to the wrong printer and you will end up paying more for it. Always go through File –> Print –> Select printer (21962 for colour, 14413 for black/white) –> Under “Page Setup,” check that the paper size is US Letter and NOT A4.

To print black & white, make sure the printer is set on #14413.
To print colour, make sure the printer is set on #21962.

Talk to Ms. Lee or Mr. Morley. Unfortunately, damaging or losing a book means you will have to take responsibility and pay for the replacement copy of the book.
Not many people know that the library has access to audiobooks and e-books! Ask Ms. Lee or Mr. Morley to show you where to find them from the Library catalog. If you want to look for them on your own, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Library Library catalog: and click On Palmer Secondary.
2. Click on “Catalog” located at the top left corner of the page.
3. Under the four tabs on the right above the search bar, click on the Visual tab:

TumbleBooks = For e-books/audiobooks

OrcaReaders = For e-books
Ask the Librarians for the username/password.

We welcome book suggestions and try our hardest to accept most requests; however, this does not mean we will purchase every request. The Librarians will review suggestions and let you know if they will/will not be buying it for the collection.

Come see either Ms. Lee or Mr. Morley and let them know the title you’re looking for.

There is no formal way for us to notify you when the book comes in. Instead, we will let you know when the book is supposed to be returned (that is assuming the book is returned on time by the previous borrower), and you should check back in the Library on that date or the date after.

Yes! Go into the Library office to sign out a laptop. Write down your name, date, laptop number, and check off if it’s for spare or for a class. The laptops are for Library use only and are not to be taken out of the Library.

Ms. Lee tries to put on at least 3 Library events during the school year. Check the Library bulletin board, the large book display, or the check-out counter for the latest event news.

The Library Twitter page is another great source to keep up-to-date with the latest Library news. (Yes, we really do have a Twitter account).

Visit us by clicking the picture: