Podcast Playlist

09/11 Born this way: The Mexican town where gender is fluid

White Coat Black Art: An episode on Orphan disease and Dr. Google

Ideas: Generation Mars – Part 1 – The day might well be approaching when humans set foot on Mars. We’ll be driven by a desire to find life — or what remains of it — and to colonize the planet.

Ideas: Generation Mars – Part 2 -If we could go to the moon, we could go anywhere, right? Stephen Humphrey and a stellar crew of authors, astronauts, and Mars scholars confront the hazards, risks, and challenges of getting humans to Mars, and then of surviving and living on the Red Planet

Ideas: Crime Fiction and Human Nature

Tapestry: Neurodiversity – interviews with people living with Autism and Downs

Spark Guide to Living: Creativity – what it means to be creative, cultivating ‘creativity’ etc.