Core Competencies

  1. Overview and Basics
  2. Creating a TADA Core Competency Portfolio Post
    1. Each Core Competency Portfolio post requires 4 specific elements
      1. Title & Tag connected to a Big Idea or Learning Intention/Standard; what students are expected to know, understand, and be able to do.
      2. Authentic Evidence or Artifact of student learning; student-created evidence: photo, audio, video, or documents; may be observed at any time during the learning process.
      3. Description, or a reflection on the learning, experience, and/or product; teachers and/or students provide a description of the artifact, may also include formative assessment feedback; student reflection about what, why, and/or how they are learning may also be included.
      4. Assessments of learning progress to inform the students and/or family; what am I doing well? what do I need to change or do differently? what are my next steps or goals? May or may not use proficiency scales or performance standards, e.g. class co-created criteria, stretches & strengths, or other rubrics pertinent to learning.