Gr. 8-9 Orientation

Click on the picture below to access the catalog. You do not need an account to use the catalog so do not click on Login.


Step 1

After you have clicked into the catalog, you should notice a basic Search bar that resembles the Google search bar.

To use the Keyword search, type in words or phrases related to your topic and click on the Keyboard button. This will find all library materials focused on that topic. You should use this search method when you don’t have a specific title in mind, and would rather browse through the Library’s collection.

To use the Title search, you should have a book title in mind already. Click on the Title button and this will generate books with your search term in the title.

To use the Author search, you should again have a specific author you would like to look up. Click on the Author button, and the search results will give you a list of books written by that particular author that can be found in the Library.

Step 2

Once you have decided on a search method, a list of books will give you an idea of what the Library has.

By clicking on the title of the book of your choice, you’ll find more details about where to find it in the Library.

The same thing will show for Non-Fiction books.

Step 3

Head out into the stacks to locate your books. Non-Fiction is on the left side of the library, and Fiction is on the right side. Note that you only need the Call Number to find Non-Fiction books (they do not have Genres like Fiction does). Make sure you have the following information:
– Genre
– Call Number
– Title

Check which Genre you should look for your book under first. There are signs displayed on all the shelves with corresponding stickers on the books’ spine labels.

Most Fiction titles begin with either a FIC (Fiction) or PB (Paperback). You can ignore these and focus on the Call Number instead, which is usually the first three letters of the author’s last name.

Double-check that you have the right book picked out. Some spine labels will have the same Call Numbers particularly if it’s a book written by the same author.